Level-up your Modern HR Knowledge

How are you looking to improve your business?

Need HR help, but aren't ready for an internal hire? Discover the difference between fractional HR and outsourced HR consulting!

Discover 10 ways that fractional HR services can increase profits at YOUR business and benefit you and your entire team as you scale.

While it is sometimes framed as a threat, we believe that AI can be used as a tool in businesses (especially in HR). Here's what you need to know!

What does OpenAI firing (and reinstating) their CEO say about leadership, company culture and values? Let's take a deep dive (using an HR lens) and unpack it.

Including salaries and salary ranges in job postings is being mandated in some provinces. Find out what this means for your business and how including this information is a step in the right direction for modern employers and employees alike!

Remote and hybrid jobs may be here to stay, but has your business adopted the right strategies to keep everyone engaged and thriving?

Beware of templates - a Custom Employee Handbook will help you remain compliant and appear more professional to your team!

First impressions matter. Your new hire's first 90 days are critical - good onboarding means better productivity and retention!

As your business grows you will inevitably deal with employee turnover. In this video, Tom Nickalls - Founder and CEO of Castle HR, will walk you through what employee turnover cost is, how to calculate it for your company and what a “healthy” employee turnover rate looks like. (Spoiler: it’s not 0%!)

Terms like 'quiet quitting' and 'loud quitting' took the corporate world by storm recently - but what do they really mean? And, are they really THAT prevalent?

Employee terminations are a difficult but necessary part of running a business. However, firing well is the key to protecting all that you've built.

A Modern Talent Acquisition Strategy can help you attract top talent and build a strong team. Learn how the right strategy can impact growth and retention!

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