Case Studies

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Case Studies

Crowdlinker had created something special – a team that bonded like no other.

The next logical step was to retain their talent while taking their skills to the next level. This meant investing in a performance review and development system with Castle HR.

When COVID-19 affected a number of Crowdlinker’s clients, they were forced to close shop and start rebuilding.

Because of the way they invested in developing their people with a robust performance review plan, team members not only stuck around but took pay cuts just so they could be a part of the comeback!

This demonstrates the power of reciprocity: when you build up your people, they’ll work harder for you in return!

“We now have a performance review system that creates a motivating and highly personalized experience that touches the lives of our people.”

Courtney Zorio, COO Crowdlinker
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  • Events industry decimated by COVID-19
  • Massive layoffs required
  • Company in survival mode

Castle HR Strategy

  • Job #1 – Treat the team fairly
  • Provide clear communication
  • Deliver solution ASAP

Castle HR Execution

  • Created custom strategy including new government relief programs
  • Drafted & distributed HR documentation
  • Answered all questions from Quest’s team

Calculated Savings

  • $86,538 – 2 Weeks’ Salary Saved
  • $25,000 – Lawsuits Avoided
  • $134,655 – Prevented Turnover Costs

TOTAL SAVED: $246,193

“Tom and Robyn at Castle HR have been a tremendous help in navigating our response to COVID 19. With their guidance, we were able to reach the best possible outcome for our staff and company.”

Al Manji, President at Quest Audio Visual


  • Old Employee Handbook with outdated policies
  • No processes in place to adapt to new employment laws
  • Old Employee Handbook written in “legalese,” so did not reflect or promote their company culture
  • Decisions were made with best-guesses and rarely documented


  • NEW Employee Handbook that protects the business and the team
  • Castle HR proactively updates policies when new laws pass and informs the team
  • New Employee Handbook is easy to understand and shows off their caring culture
  • Expert HR advice from the same Senior HR Professional that wrote their handbook
    – Someone that knows their business, team, and culture

“Castle HR helped us make order out of chaos. As a business owner, being compliant and having all of our policies up to date brings such peace of mind.”

Roger Thorpe, President Thorpe Benefits

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