How Modern HR Will Help Your Company Scale

Out with the old, in with the new.

The recent global pandemic brought a massive shift in how workplaces operate, and what today’s workforce wants. Companies are now finding that their teams are asking them for these three things:

  1. Feedback
  2. Transparency
  3. Culture Building

In this video, Tom Nickalls – Founder and CEO of Castle HR, will walk you through what Modern HR is, how it can align your team to give them what they truly want … and, ultimately, help your business grow.

Leaders who ignore these requests will lose top talent (they’re always the first to go). And, many who do try will get it wrong, because they aren’t HR experts.

The few who do get it right will attract talent from the companies who missed the mark.

So, how did those few companies ‘get it right’?

The difference is Modern HR.

And, those winning companies typically get help establishing and implementing these modern strategies.

What is Modern HR?

Modern HR is the evolution of HR strategies.

We use Modern HR strategies as a mechanism to help businesses scale and reach their full potential. Modern HR looks to understand what today’s workforce wants, and how to give it to them.

It only makes sense that the happiest and most dedicated employees will be people who enjoy what they do, and this cannot be achieved if the old-school approach, that is: “you’re gonna fit in here, and you’re gonna like it”, is still in place.

What does your team really want from you?

The demands and desires of today’s workforce are simple; they want:

  1. Career clarity – help them understand where they could go.
  2. Cultural alignment – give them an authentic experience where they don’t feel like they have to separate their ‘home’ and ‘work’ selves.
  3. Compensation – equality and fair pay. This means attractive compensation plans, including benefits, and high fives and other recognition where it’s due!
  4. Cause – people want to go feel excited about what they do, what their company’s mission is, and the products/services they offer

How can Modern HR help your business scale?

By giving your team what they want, you consistently increase your employee lifetime value, revenue and profit, and, you’ll consistently hit your goals.

Implementing Modern HR strategies and practices at your company means you’ll:

  • Hire the best people, and more often
  • Retain top talent
  • See an increase in productivity
  • See an increase in revenue and profits

When you are able to hire a team of a-players who align with your culture and enjoy what they’re doing and how they’re being compensated, they’ll move mountains for you, and modern HR can help you get there.

Modern Talent Acquisition strategies, Onboarding Playbooks, and establishing a clear Company Culture can help set your company up for success as you continue to to scale!

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