Castle HR’s focus is to help companies grow - the mechanism we use is Modern HR

Why do companies hire a Fractional HR Consultant?

A Fractional HR model is vital for start-ups and SMBs because they set up your people strategy to succeed. Here are some of the ways how Castle HR can help.

Castle HR Unlimited Expert Advice

Unlimited Expert Advice

Ever find yourself on Google looking up how to manage an HR situation? Well, Google does not have an HR degree… but all of our HR Professionals do!

Part of our Fractional HR subscription service includes unlimited access to your dedicated HR Professional.

We always say, “there are no bad questions”!

Create a Winning Culture

Your culture is who you are.

What your team does defines your culture.

To create your ideal culture, you need winning values!

Castle HR Create a Winning Culture
Castle HR Practical Employee Handbooks

Practical Employee Handbooks

Old-school employee handbooks are written in black & white lawerese…

Modern Employee Handbooks are authentic to your company, foster your ideal culture, use your team’s nickname (e.g., Plooto’s team is called Plootonians), all while protecting your team and business.

We build the latter.

We also proactively update policies as new legislation passes – so you never have to wonder if that new Bill you read about affects your company.

Smoother Talent Acquisition

Does this found familiar?

You want to hire the best talent that will help your company grow, but you aren’t sure where (or how) to find these people…maybe you have tried your luck on job posting sites – but you never get great applicants! Or you are considering working with a recruiter – but that sounds expensive!

You know there must be a better way… and you are right! The answer is a Talent Acquisition Playbook.

Castle HR Smoother Talent Acquisition
Castle HR Onboarding Playbook

Onboarding Playbook

When a new hire starts, they are evaluating whether they made the right decision to join your team…

You should have an orientation plan, swag bag, culture alignment, training and clear goals. You want to focus on putting your new hire in a position to succeed because that will eliminate buyer’s remorse!

A modern Onboarding Playbook ensures every hiring manager is providing the same positive experience that increases retention and boosts the productivity of new hires.

Modern Performance Reviews

Want to see someone cringe? Tell them they have a performance review tomorrow! No one likes the high school “this is what you need to better” report card performance reviews.

Want to see someone light up? Tell them they have a Modern Performance Review tomorrow! Today’s generation wants feedback, career conversations, skill development and culture alignment…

Retention, engagement and overall happiness skyrocket!

Castle HR Modern Performance Review

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