Modern Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are hard.
But they don’t have to be.

You know that yearly performance review you *sometimes* do? Yeah, we can make that better.

Today’s workforce craves transparency, consistent feedback and personal development opportunities. In fact, they kind of expect it. And they’re all too willing to look elsewhere (i.e., someone else’s company) when they don’t get it from you.

Here’s how Modern Performance Reviews cater to those needs:

Modern vs. Old School Performance Reviews

The bottom line is that Modern Performance Reviews improve employee retention, which in turn helps you build a healthier company culture with a talented, motivated team that delivers results. 

What is a Modern Performance Review?

Castle HR’s Modern Performance Reviews will help you create quarterly discussions that are forward-thinking, constructive will have your team looking forward to them!

Gone are the days of formal, awkward reviews focusing mainly on what an employee is doing wrong…

How do Modern Performance Reviews help your business grow?

By making your quarterly review process easier – and more importantly, ensuring your team is empowered to contribute at their best. Our processes simplify the giving of effective feedback, setting of mutually beneficial goals, and then tracking that progress. That means you have…

Right People

The Right People

You need a process to ensure your team is consistently aligned with your values and contributing to your winning culture - and these things are moving targets.

Now that you have the right people, we look to see if they are set up for success...

Right Seats

In The Right Seats

Modern Performance Reviews provide quarterly insights into how each individual is performing and if they need any support to reach their goals.

If you have the right people in the right seats, it is really hard NOT to have...

Higher Performance

A High Performing Team

On average, people tend to fall out of alignment every 90 days. That means you may have a really high performing team ... and they're all rowing in different directions.

Quarterly reviews maintain alignment towards common goals, which means better outcomes.

Too good to be true? These methods are tried and tested in the field, with companies just like yours!

“Thanks to Marylisa and Alec, we now have a performance review system that creates a motivating and highly personalized experience that touches the lives of our people.”

Courtney Zorio Crowdlinker COO
Courtney Zorio
COO at Crowdlinker
“Thanks to the team at Castle HR we have implemented a positive performance review system as well as structured all our HR policies and practices around a solid strategy. Having their knowledge and expertise in our business has been of considerable help.”
Gary Goetsch CEO Rattlehub
Gary Goetsch
CEO at Rattlehub

Your Castle HR Modern Performance Review includes...

Castle HR Modern Performance Review

...which all contribute to increased employee retention

Talented employees who do not know where they stand or where they are going internally will look for answers externally. To prevent this, you can utilize Modern Performance Reviews to better identify and nurture these two types of people on your team:

You might be wondering...

What makes your performance reviews "modern"?

We focus intentionally on a two-way dialogue with each employee, their personal development, and their alignment with your company's goals.

These are constructive and forward-looking performance reviews. Traditional performance reviews tend to be more one-sided, punitive and rooted in the past.

What's wrong with doing performance reviews annually?

People tend to fall out of alignment around 90 days after a formal meeting. If you're only doing performance reviews once a year, that means your team is out of sync for ¾ of the year.

Or your managers are performing heroic acts to keep everyone rowing in the same direction. (Which isn't sustainable!)

Won't quarterly performance reviews take up a lot of time?

In the long run, no. More likely, you'll start saving time that can then be better spent elsewhere.

Yes, they will take up a few more hours per employee each quarter. But soon you'll notice that less work needs to be redone, fewer fires need to be put out and, most importantly, you won't have to deal with as many resignations.


Modern Performance Reviews are key to building your culture, retaining top employees and optimizing company performance.

Castle HR has the tools and expertise to help you get the right people in the right seats performing up to their potential. No games or gimmicks, just proven systems delivered by an experienced HR professional.