Talent Acquisition

Become a destination for A-Players and say goodbye to recruiting fees

We’re here to tell you that there is a way to improve your hiring process!

Creating a Talent Acquisition Playbook and sticking to it will help you make quick, confident decisions about candidates during the hiring process and will make it simple for you to know who you are looking for before you even conduct interviews.

What is a Talent Acquisition Playbook?

A Talent Acquisition Playbook (sometimes known as a hiring ‘game plan’ ) outlines the steps needed to fill roles in your company with the best, top hires consistently. Think of it as more of a permanent, modern HR strategy, rather than simply recruiting for a vacant role. 

Your Talent Acquisition Playbook will be a treasured guide for hiring managers, interviewers, and other team members involved in the recruitment process. 

When creating your Talent Acquisition Playbook, you’ll need to define your ideal employee profile, create a custom job description for each role, identify who your ideal candidate is, and, last but not least, create a custom job posting to attract your ideal candidate

There are many benefits of having a talent acquisition playbook

You need a Talent Acquisition Playbook to help clearly identify who is most ideal for roles within your company; you want to attract and retain only the best talent and successfully scale your business.

Your Talent Acquisition Playbook will outline what qualities and skills are needed for each specific role, how you’ll score candidates to assess if they’re the best choice, and of course, it will assure you create custom, clear job postings that resonate with the right people.

You want the best talent to come to you

Your playbook can help hiring managers identify potential problems early on in the recruitment process, such as a mismatch between the job description and the skills of the candidates.

Think about it this way: you want the best talent to come to you. Whether they find you through an internal reference, a job posting, or any other way, when best hiring practices and a Talent Acquisition Playbook are implemented, top-tier talent should hear of your job opening and feel excited to apply.

How Castle HR approaches talent acquisition playbooks

At Castle HR, we believe that Talent Acquisition Playbooks should:

Following your process, you should be able to make decisions seamlessly; if you have a Talent Acquisition Playbook, but feel it’s missing the mark, consider reviewing what has worked for your company (and what hasn’t) and see if you can alter your process from there.

If you need help designing and implementing modern HR solutions, like a flawless Talent Acquisition Playbook, Castle HR can help you get started today.

How do I design and implement a Talent Acquisition Playbook?

When designing your Talent Acquisition Playbook, make sure you include the following:

This can be established by looking at your company values. Regardless of what role you’re hiring for, your ideal employee will need to have a specific set of values that align with your company…define them in this section!

Draw on your company mission and really reflect on why you are hiring for a specific role. You’ll have outcomes in mind, as well as a set of expectations (a 90-day plan for a probationary period) and a list of competencies and skills needed for the job.

Draw on your job description to create a system, or a scorecard, to help your hiring managers define an interviewee’s competencies, traits, and skillset. You want to be certain (or as certain as possible!) that everything about your top candidate aligns with your IEP and your job description.

Draw on your IEP, job description, and ideal candidate description to create a custom, enticing job posting that will resonate with the right type of talent. Remember, ‘old school’ templates and generic job postings run you the risk of attracting people who aren’t the right fit for your role and could be skimmed over entirely by top talent.

Ultimately, the goal of establishing and implementing a Talent Acquisition Playbook at your company would be to hire the best talent and fast. Once you’re confident in your design, implement your Talent Acquisition Playbook every single time you’re hiring, and stick to it!

Castle HR can help you get started today with a flawless talent acquisition playbook