Leadership Team

Tom Nickalls | CEO & Founder

Tom, is a two-time founder and has been leading sales teams for over a decade. He has hired, trained, and led teams of up to 40- with an 8-figure quota.

At one point in his career, Tom was terminated in an extremely unprofessional manner. That experience rocked him, and it took a while to recover.

Determined to prevent others from undergoing similar experiences, Tom resolved to help forward-thinking small and medium businesses create custom HR strategies – with a focus on HR strategies for “today’s workforce”.

The resolution to modernize HR led to the start of Castle HR.

Tom was born in Malawi and came to Canada by way of England – (sadly no accent). Love of travel was instilled by his parents and is a continued passion – hopefully collecting passport stamps again in 2021! His passion for sports is both as a player (volleyball, golf, soccer, running, etc.) and as a fan (Green Bay, Raptors, Leafs & Jays). He loves dabbling in the kitchen and wonders what could’ve been if he chose culinary school over business school…

Robyn Leduc | Senior HR Professional, CHRL

Robyn is a strong advocate of modern HR and has been a human Resources Professional for over 10 years, working in a broad array of sectors from construction to technology.

Robyn has a strong track record of helping small and medium sized businesses establish custom HR strategies and Health & Safety plans that contribute to organizational effectiveness and help to mitigate risk profiles.

Outside of HR (pun definitely intended!) Robyn loves camping, running, and playing with her two kids.

Marylisa Forsyth | Senior HR Professional, CHRL

Marylisa is a pioneer HR professional with over 30 years of HR management experience, mostly working in the public sector. She holds a degree in labour relations from McMaster university and Workplace Mental Health Leadership from Queens.

She has a track record of coaching in transformational leadership, team building, managing change, and building positive labour relations. In addition to being a key part of Castle HR’s leadership team, Marylisa is on contract with the City of Burlington and sits on the Haldimand and Norfolk CAMHS board of directors.

Marylisa is well on her way to building Canada’s next alpaca empire, one fuzzy scarf at a time.

Alec Nickalls | Senior Learning & Development Coach

Alec is an experienced facilitator and instructional designer that has worked in Toronto’s tech firms for his entire career. Prior to joining Castle’s leadership, he spent 9 years with Apple in L&D, training facilitators, and leading city-wide training programs.

Alec brings a progressive and inclusive perspective to employee development strategies, performance reviews, and training for forward-thinking firms. 

Alec is an avid cat enthusiast and Brazilian jiu jitsu brown belt.

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