Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks

Protect your business, celebrate your company culture, and create a source of truth for your team.

A great Employee Handbook provides your team with company guidelines, policies, procedures and expectations.
It needs to be a living document that evolves as your company grows, and updates when new employment laws pass.

Of the hundreds of companies Castle HR has spoken to:


have some loose policies
or none at all


use a template or a handbook
from a previous role

Tom on Employee Handbooks

Our Goal Was Clear:

Update the standard of an Employee Handbook and create something superior!

This is an ongoing project that we started on Day 1 of Castle Hr. We’re so passionate about this that it’s in our logo!

If what we produce was available with a Google search, you’d have found it already.

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Your Biggest Shield Against Lawsuits

If an employee situation escalates to legal action or includes the Ministry of Labour, your Employee Handbook will be your best defence.

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“The Castle HR Team was instrumental in developing our employee handbook as well as advising on our HR policies and practices. Their resources for compliance training and employee surveying were hugely helpful as our business was rapidly expanding. Accessing their expertise has been tremendously helpful.”

Julia Blackburn, ceo, NPower canada

Common Questions

How does an Employee Handbook help your small business?

A properly constructed and updated Employee Handbook will help ensure your business is legally compliant with operational requirements.

It is also of benefit to your team as it outlines the expectations, shows you are protecting them at the workplace and they have confidence that you are holding everyone to the same standards.

What should be included in an Employee Handbook?

A typical Employee Handbook for an SMB is 25-30 pages in length and includes:

Company Culture – Values, Mission and Vision

Legally Required & Best Practice Policies – i.e. Preventing Sexual Harassment & Workplace Violence, Dress Code, PTO Booking, Termination, etc.

Employee Benefits – Sick Days, Holidays, PTO, Professional Development, etc.

Should an employee sign a copy of the Employee Handbook?

Absolutely. When an employee situation arises you speak to a lawyer or the Ministry of Labour they will ask the same 4-word question:

“What can you prove?”

Without a signature, it becomes hard to prove that the employee ever saw your policies and agreed to them.

You could have the best policies in the world, but without an acknowledgement signature, they are effectively worthless.

Even more powerful would be telling them where the last person who was in the seat they are applying for ended up. Were they an SDR that became an AE in 12 months and that is the path they could be on too…

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We can help!

Your company is unique, so your handbook shouldn’t come from a template.

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