Onboarding Playbook

Onboarding Playbook

Get your new hires excited, motivated, and up to speed in record time.

Onboarding Playbooks are not Created Equal…

Actually, a lot of companies don’t even create an Onboarding Playbook with a clear strategy for a new hire’s first 90 days at all!

Did you know that a solid Onboarding Playbook can increase the likelihood of an employee staying 3 years by x3, and increase productivity by 59%?

Turns out, first impressions really do matter!

In Fact, Onboarding is Typically a Misfire!

Every company has some kind of Onboarding Process in place, even if that’s just a laptop and a high-five.

We speak to tonnes of companies, and despite the best of intentions, it doesn’t usually hold together beyond the first week.

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Our Goal Was Clear:

Finding top talent is tough, like really tough, so we knew it was important to help companies put new hires in the absolute best position to succeed – and we would only build something if it dwarfed what is readily available.

, Onboarding Playbook

The Modern Onboarding Playbook

, Onboarding Playbook

Being able to build custom Onboarding Playbooks is the result of years of work and if there was a cheat sheet you could download online that got the desired results, you wouldn’t be seeing this page today.

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“My favourite part of working with Castle HR is that they systematically and methodically work through the various elements of one’s operation, from values to performance reviews to onboarding, and their talented team guides you to building processes and content that make a big impact.”


Common Questions

How does an Onboarding Playbook help your small business?

A great Onboarding Playbook provides your new hires with everything they need to get up to speed on the company, their role and aligns expectations – which when done properly leads to increased productivity and happier teams.

An Onboarding Playbook provides accurate information about your company, helps them understand the culture, explains the role’s expectations, builds a relationship with their new manager and helps them set their initial goals for the first 90 days.

What should be included in a Modern Onboarding Playbook?

A great Onboarding Playbook provides your company with a clear roadmap for a new hire from Day 0 (before they start) up to Day 90 (their Probation Review).

A typical Modern Onboarding Playbook:

Orientation – The Company’s Values, History, Leadership, Product/Service, Customers, Office Tour, Where to get Coffee, etc. 

Checklists – IT, Finance, 

Fun Factor – More than just “swag bags” (though we love them)

Check-ins – Coffees, Pulse Checks, Surveys, etc.

Probation Review – 90-day review and handoff to the Modern Performance Review.

, Onboarding Playbook

We can help!

A lot that goes into an onboarding experience that immediately creates internal promotors.

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59 Percentage


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