Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Ever wonder why some companies seem to consistently attract top-tier talent to their teams, while others struggle?

Have ever you heard a Hiring Manager say…

“They were great, but let’s see what else is out there…”

This is interview insecurity, and it’s a symptom of a flawed hiring strategy.
It almost always leads to this awkward conversation:

CANDIDATE: I’m sorry, I’ve accepted an offer from another company.

HIRING MANAGER: What?! You told us you loved us, you said you wanted to work for us.


HIRING MANAGER: We’re #1 in our space, you said you liked that.


HIRING MANAGER: You liked the team, that you thought you would fit in here.


HIRING MANAGER: I don’t understand, we were thinking about making you an offer.

CANDIDATE: But… You didn’t.

Tom on Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Processes are not all Created Equal

Every company has a hiring strategy in place, and before we started our mission to create a Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook we scoured the internet and saw the same cookie-cutter approach that leads to interview insecurity.

Our Goal Was Clear:

Finding top talent is tough, and we saw companies struggling with the same challenges – so we decided to build something superior.

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The Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook

Building a Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook has taken years of work and if there was a cheat sheet you could download online, you wouldn’t be seeing this page today.

Client Testimonials - Castle HR
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“Tom, Robyn and Alec at Castle-HR have been instrumental at ensuring we’re adhering to the highest standards in establishing workflows and processes for our people operations, from helping us with employment contracts, workplace training, compensation reviews and building our Performance Review and Employee Growth Program. We could not have achieved all we have without their partnership.”


Common Questions

How does a Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook help your small business?

A great Talent Acquisition Playbook provides your company with all the tools you need to attract and hire long-term high performers.

It brings the added benefits of improving candidate experience, saving the hiring manager’s time and reducing turnover rates.

What should be included in a Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook?

A typical Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook includes:

Ideal Employee Profile – Values, Traits, Skills, etc.

Structured Interview Process – Interview Steps, Interview Questions, Scorecards, Projects, Decision-Making Process, etc.

Why do we suggest Interview Scorecards?

Interview Scorecards are the foundation of effective interviewing and will let leaders make better hiring decisions.

Have you ever been asked:

“Hey, I just met with this candidate and I thought they were great. Can you meet with them and let me know your thoughts?”

An Interview Scorecard changes the conversation to:

“Hey, I just met with this candidate and they are aligned with our first 4 company values. Can you be sure to ask them about the last 2 values? And I didn’t get into this trait that we know leads to success here.”

The second is more powerful, as you are checking all the boxes and avoiding a repetitive interview process where a candidate is asked the same question multiple times.

An Interview Scorecard provides structure and fairness to the candidate that will help align hires with your DEI strategy.

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