Stephanie Burns

    Dana Dobiasova

      Jackie Gilkes

      Jackie has worked as an HR professional for over 25 years as a true HR generalist and senior manager.

      She is a designated CHRL, a certified Health & Safety representative, an adult educator, para legal and experienced in all aspects of employment law, labour relations, training & development, strategic business planning and full cycle recruitment/onboarding.

        Eli Zeldin

        Eli is a sales professional with 10 years of direct-to-consumer sales, chiefly in the entertainment and cannabis industries.

        His broad range of experience has taught him the importance of Modern HR Strategies and he is excited to show you why it should be an important element of your business as well.

          Viviana Santa

          Viviana is a business student at Western University specializing in HR and Management.

          Viviana believes that everyone has the ability to do amazing things if they are in the right environment. For that she is passionate about learning modern HR practices so that one day she can help organizations implement best practises that will help their employees reach their full potential.

            Mike Daser, PHRi

            Mike is a Senior HR professional with over 10 years experience driving business growth and team engagement. From a small publicly held brand ideation start-up to one of the GTA’s largest privately-held manufacturers, Mike has built his career on delivering an exceptional employee experience.

            In his career, Mike has built and led teams, established corporate HR programs and policies, and holds a strong passion for Health & Safety.

              MaryLisa Forsyth

              Marylisa is a pioneer HR professional with over 30 years of HR management experience, mostly working in the public sector. She holds a degree in labour relations from McMaster university and Workplace Mental Health Leadership from Queens.

              She has a track record of coaching in transformational leadership, team building, managing change, and building positive labour relations. In addition to being a key part of Castle HR’s team, Marylisa is on contract with the City of Burlington and sits on the Haldimand and Norfolk CAMHS board of directors.

                Lindsay Schultz

                Lindsay is a Senior HR Professional with over 15 years experience working in both private and public sectors.  She is also a small business owner in a highly competitive industry.

                Lindsay has been successful in creating innovative HR processes for several small, medium, and large size companies to streamline and improve business performance.  She has a strong background in conflict management, training and development, evaluating core processes and many other HR functions.

                  Chiara Affrunti, CHRL

                  Chiara is a senior HR professional with over 15 years of experience in providing consultative and strategic support to leadership teams. Contributing to the success of a business rebuild in the logistics and e-Commerce fulfillment space she led the charge to scale a team of 200 to 800 in a 5-year period.

                  With a strong passion for employee relations, Chiara has created and implemented HR programs and policies that drive a positive employee experience.

                    Anna Boshoer, CHRL

                    Anna is an HR professional with over 10 years experience in HR management and recruitment. She was an adult educator before changing her career to Human Resources and is still passionate about education and coaching.

                    In her HR career, Anna has worked with a number of technology organizations. She’s established successful corporate HR and Recruitment functions, introduced and implemented new processes and practices in HR operations, compliance, employee relations and engagement, recruitment, training, communication, and health & safety.