Here is what our amazing clients are saying:

“Castle HR helped us make order out of chaos. As a business owner, being compliant and having all of our policies up to date brings such peace of mind.“
Roger Thorpe, President Of Thorpe Benefits - Castle HR

Roger Thorpe

President at Thorpe Benefits

“Castle HR provides a critical service to businesses like ours. Led by Lindsay, our Senior HR Professional, we’ve swiftly progressed in managing employee relations matters. We’re excited to continue the journey through the Modern HR Roadmap.”
Luke Elias, President Of Muskoka Cabinet - Castle HR

Luke Elias

President at Muskoka Cabinet

“It just makes sense to motivate your top performers to find other top performers, and the simple ERP from Castle HR has lead to a number of hires making a huge impact at Candybox.”

Darrell Keezer

Founder at Candybox Marketing

“When a situation or question arises, I have no worries as I know Stephanie (our dedicated Senior HR Professional) will be able to answer the question and address any situation no matter how tough.”
Kim Benedict, Co-Founder & CEO Of TalentMinded - Castle HR

Kim Benedict

Co-Founder and CEO TalentMinded

“I know we start most of our weekly calls with ‘Thanks for your support Robyn – if you need to charge us more let us know!’”
Josh Zweig ,Co-Founder, Partner & CEO Of LiveCA - Castle HR

Josh Zweig

Co-Founder & Partner, CEO at LiveCA

“Tom and Robyn at Castle HR have been a tremendous help in navigating our response to COVID-19. With their guidance, we were able to reach the best possible outcome for our staff and company.”
Al Manji, President Quest Audio Visual - Castle HR

Al Manji

President at Quest Audio Visual

“Marylisa’s experience and knowledge has been invaluable as we navigate the ever-changing world of being an employer. She’s done an amazing job at helping me decode how new legislation applies to my business.”
Jonathan Shelson, Owner Of Maidpro Thornhill - Castle HR

Jonathan Shelson

Owner at MaidPro Thornhill

“The insights from our regular surveys, facilitated by Castle HR, spark meaningful conversations that align our team and provide leadership with valuable perspectives, helping us build a better company together.”
Angela McDonald, COO Of Stealth Mode - Castle HR

Angela McDonald

COO [Stealth Mode]

Castle HR expertly guided our transition to a new HR Tech Stack, introducing us to Collage – a system we truly love!”
Recovery Science Logo

Sharon Marshall

Director and HR at Recovery Science

“I would like to let you know that Robyn [at Castle HR] is an amazing person, has great knowledge, and is so helpful.”
Nancy Qiu, CEO at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic - Castle HR

Nancy Qiu

CEO at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic

“Thanks to the team at Castle HR we have implemented a positive performance review system as well as structured all our HR policies and practices around a solid strategy. Having their knowledge and expertise in our business has been of considerable help.”
Gary Goetsch, CEO At Rattlehub - Castle HR

Gary Goetsch

CEO at Rattlehub

“Rather than scramble at the end of the year for Performance Reviews, we have a clear schedule throughout the year that allows our managers to lead their team to success!”
Suhan Shan, Co-founder Of Sync - Castle HR

Suhan Shan

Co-Founder at Sync

“Our Modern Talent Acquisition Playbook, thanks to Castle HR, provides our hiring managers with proven strategies and has led to repeated success.”
Rob Carmichael, CEO Of Campbrain - Castle HR

Rob Carmichael

CEO at Campbrain

Castle HR has been instrumental in ensuring we’re adhering to the highest standards in establishing workflows & processes for our people operations.”
Balaji Gopalan, Co-Founder & CEO at MedStack - Castle HR

Balaji Gopalan

Co-Founder and CEO at MedStack

“The Castle team helped us build foundational People Ops building blocks when we needed them the most. They take ownership as if they are part of the team and engage us in a healthy and professional debate to ensure what they end up implementing has the necessary buy in and is truly what is best for Plooto and Plootonians.”
Wajdi Ghoussoub, VP Finance & Operations At Plooto - Castle HR

Wajdi Ghoussoub

VP Finance & Operations at Plooto

“Thanks to Marylisa and Alec, we now have a performance review system that creates a motivating and highly personalized experience that touches the lives of our people.”
Courtney Zorio, COO at Crowdlinker - Castle HR

Courtney Zorio

COO at Crowdlinker

“Castle HR provided the expertise and strategy to level up our HR strategy quickly and effectively.”
Craig McLellan, CEO At ThinkOn - Castle HR

Craig McLellan

CEO at ThinkOn

Castle HR not only helped us build a better People and Culture based business but also saved us a staggering amount in turnover costs in just one year – the numbers speak for themselves”
Leonard Drimmer, Property Vista CEO - Castle HR

Leonard Drimmer

CEO at Property Vista

“As Valencia grows, Castle HR ensures our company’s values and personality shine through, fostering a strong sense of identity.”
Aron Fuer, CEO At Valencia Risk - Castle HR

Aron Fuer

CEO at Valencia Risk

Joyride desperately needed to get the foundational items of modern HR in place. With Castle HR’s help, we have been able to do so.”
Jared Goldlust, COO Joyride - Castle HR

Jared Goldlust

COO at Joyride

Bottom line, Castle-HR is excellent.

“They are by far the best HR Partners I have ever had, both internal and external organizations. I say this with respect to my past partners/colleagues who were also excellent.

“Besides a model that honourably works for us, Lindsay is genuinely in another league. Her expertise is vast and there has been nothing she hasn’t been involved with. She’s a true professional and delivers excellent counsel and is not afraid of telling the truth.

“When it comes to people, having an exceptional partner in this domain is critical to success. You can cut and paste everything else, but people are truly the strongest differentiator.

“Over the last year, we have increased our NPS score by over +50%!”
Davide Viola​, CEO At Health First Network​ - Castle HR

Davide Viola​

CEO at Health First Network​

“The Castle HR Team was instrumental in developing our employee handbook as well as advising on our HR policies and practices. Their resources for compliance training and employee surveying were hugely helpful as our business was rapidly expanding. Accessing their expertise has been tremendously helpful.”
Julia Blackburn, CEO Of NPower Canada - Castle HR

Julia Blackburn

CEO at NPower Canada

Castle HR provides Modern, Fractional HR Consulting services to startups and SMBs

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