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Good Accessibility practices help in preventing discrimination against people with disabilities, and in creating both public and commercial environments in which everyone can participate.

This course provides guidance in several areas:

  • Standards for interviewing and hiring persons with disabilities
  • How the employer can ensure the safety of persons with disabilities during emergencies
  • How organizations can make information available in accessible formats, to employees and customers
  • Interacting with customers, colleagues, and third parties who have disabilities in a manner that is respectful and considerate


  • Use the latest updated desktop browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred)
  • Stable Internet connection
Why am I having trouble logging in?
Ensure you are using the correct credentials. If you are having trouble logging in on Chrome, Edge, Safari, or similar Chromium browsers, refresh the page by clicking the refresh button, or with hotkeys (CTRL + R) Windows or (Command + R) Mac.

If you're using Firefox, you will not have this issue.

Any further issues, please report to your HRBP.
Why can't I sign in after I've signed up?
We require everyone that creates an account verify their email address. Once you sign up with your work or personal email, you will be sent a verification email to confirm.

If you do not confirm this email, your account will not be created and you won't be able to enroll in the courses.

If you are having any trouble, please report to your HRBP.
Why can't I complete the course to 100%?
If you've completed the course to the end, but you don't end up with a score of 100%, you may have missed a section.

To see which sections you missed:

- Continue the course and select the Close button on the Results popup
- On the top left menu, select the Curriculum button to open the lesson plan.
- Open each section to see which lesson or quiz is missing the checkmark.
-Select the lesson(s) or quizzes missing the checkmark and complete them.

Any additional issues should be directed to your HRBP.
Where do I find my certificate?
Once you've completed the course 100%, you can find your course certificate in your account page by following this link below.


If you have completed the course to 100% and there is no certificate, please reach out to your HRBP.
Does the course save if I close the browser tab?
Yes, you can leave the course at any time and come back. All of your work is saved in real time.

Please reach out to your HRBP if you have any questions.
Course details
Duration 40 Minutes
Lectures 12
Quizzes 10
Level Beginner
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