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Stephanie Palasti
Stephanie Palasti
I recommend Castle HR to any company looking for a smart and dedicated team of HR professionals. The owner, Tom, is a pleasure to work with and truly cares about finding you the right candidates for your business!
Stephen Pedder
Stephen Pedder
Castle HR provides a custom approach to suit your business needs. No two situations are ever the same so I definitely recommend reaching out to Castle HR when in need of solid HR advice rather than hoping your Google results are right.
Lisa Grogan
Lisa Grogan
Castle HR has supported us to automate a number of HR related workflows and this has been very helpful for our team at a busy time. This is a very good option for companies that don’t need full-time in-house HR expertise, but do need good HR practices and guidance on a monthly basis.
Vitaly Vishnepolsky
Vitaly Vishnepolsky
We have used Castle HR service for over a year, they were instrumental in fixing our HR process and workflows!
Dani DePetrillo
Dani DePetrillo
We started with Castle earlier in the year. The need for consistent, professional HR support became more and more prevalent for our growing system.. Most of our needs are not poignant "in-the-moment" needs but rather navigating employment law changes, and layering additional policy builds and changing landscapes. We work in 6 provinces. Castle has been incredible on all fronts. They are there when you need them, and when you don't, you know they are in the background available for us anytime. Would recommend them all day long.
sensei chan
sensei chan
After working with different HR providers, Tom and his team at Castle HR have shown that their expertise and care with respect to the drafting of manuals and internal procedures is only matched by their service. They take the time to figure out and customize what will fit your business. I would highly recommend Castle HR to anyone looking for a reliable and committed outsourced HR team.
Jonathan Shelson
Jonathan Shelson
Castle HR's experience and knowledge has been invaluable as we navigate the ever changing world of being an employer. They've done an amazing job at helping me decode new legislation and figure out how it best applies to my business. Their flexible model as fractional HR service is perfect for us as we don't have the need for a full time HR representative.
Castle HR not only helped us build a better People and Culture based business but also saved us a staggering amount in turnover costs in just one year – the numbers speak for themselves”
Leonard Drimmer, Property Vista CEO - Castle HR

Leonard Drimmer

CEO at Property Vista

Modern Outsourced HR Consulting For Canadian Small Businesses

Growing companies usually can’t justify a full-time HR person until their headcount exceeds 50 people. Until then, a lot of that work falls on the founder(s)… But you didn’t start your company to become an HR expert!

So if you’re trying to scale but instead find yourself caught up in the day-to-day grind of hiring, managing and retaining your people – we have two things to say to you.

First, you’re far from alone here and second, we can help you! 

HR Generalist vs Castle HR - Castle HR

We meet a lot of founders and small business leaders who are working their tails off but not getting where they want to go.

While wearing all the hats isn’t uncommon, it is often a major setback. That’s where we come in.

All great companies understand that success comes from getting the Right People in the Right Seats.

(Easier said than done, we know!) But, once you figure that out, it’s much easier to be successful – however you define success.

With our support, your HR strategy will evolve to foster your culture and values, attract top talent, retain key people and motivate everyone to bring their A-Game to work every day.

We refer to our model as Fractional HR.

Simply put, you get a fraction of a senior HR professional in your corner for a fraction of what you would pay a full-time HR Generalist. But unlike a full-time hire, your Castle HR Business Partner is ready to hit the ground running thanks to their experience, network and toolkit.

We Follow a Battle-Tested Modern HR Roadmap

It always starts with a review of your HR Foundations – but after that we’ll work closely with you to determine next steps based on what will have the highest positive impact on your business.

HR Foundation Bricks - Castle HR


An open and honest assessment of your current HR landscape to identify opportunities to streamline your people processes and mitigate risks.

Now Hiring Icon


Cut through the job market noise to find higher-calibre candidates faster and with less reliance on expensive channels such as recruiters.

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These important conversations work best when they strike the right balance of job performance, growth, development and wellness.

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Onboarding &

Keep that "first day energy" going for as long as possible while at the same time ensuring your exits don't negatively ripple throughout the entire company.

Impact Graph - Castle HR

Now picture yourself in the not-too-distant future. Together, we have successfully implemented the Roadmap (and then some). Suddenly, the answers to the questions you see above are much clearer.

Where would your business be if your team was operating along that orange line?

Good Intentions Are Nice - But It's The Results That Matter

We’ve helped well over a hundred small businesses by making a positive impact in the following areas…

Improve Employee Engagement

Each disengaged employee is costing you around $16,000 a year.

We’ll dive into your Values, Culture and Employee Sentiment to help you to identify this behaviour and then put each person on a path to success. This can range from modifying their current role to respectfully exiting them from a situation that’s not working for either side. In the long run, everyone wins, and you position yourself to be as much as 22% more profitable.

Hire More Effectively

Did you know that the average company hires at a 50% success rate?

What makes that statistic even more shocking is that they usually take about 6 weeks (each time) to make a decision that has a coin flip’s odds of working out. Our Talent Acquisition Playbook empowers you to build a repeatable and scalable hiring process that not only hires the Right Person more often than not, but also facilitates the completion of hiring cycles in less than a month.

Retain Your Best People

About ¼ of your staff are currently looking at other job opportunities.

Replacing each of them will cost you 33% – 50% of their salary in direct and indirect costs. Ultimately, employees who feel supported in their role, have room to grow, and rate their overall wellness highly are 20% more likely to still be with you in a year. Our Modern Performance Reviews tap into the needs of today’s employees, ensuring that each person is in the Right Seat to do their best work.

Onboard and Offboard Smoothly

Almost 90% of employees are disappointed with their onboarding.

And first impressions go a long way. New hires who get a top-tier onboarding experience stay 80% longer than those who don’t and are 70% faster to reach full productivity. Our Onboarding Playbook covers everything you need – from systems access to swag to culture buddies and much more – to provide a world-class first impression for the great talent you’ve hired.

The cost of an employee lawsuit can easily run into the 5-figures.

Not to mention the drain on your time… We’re not lawyers but we’ve been around enough of these situations to know two universal truths about them. First, they’re expensive, but more importantly, they’re often completely avoidable! At the beginning of our engagement, we review your HR Foundations to identify and then mitigate any gaps creating unnecessary risk for your business.

Develop People And Their Careers

Employees with access to professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged and 34% less likely to quit.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck in a dead end job. This is especially true of your top performers. They need to know what’s available to them at your company – which could be anything from learning a new skill to striving for a promotion. Our Modern Performance Reviews put this conversation at the forefront, ensuring that you’re able to identify what each person is looking for and how to get them there.

Optimize Your HR Tech Stack

Companies that use their HR software effectively have up to 40% less voluntary turnover.

That’s not to suggest that technology on its own will improve your employee experience or fix a retention issue. But it’s critical if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Modern Performance Reviews and Talent Acquisition Playbook. We have the partnerships and expertise to help you supercharge these key processes with great software.

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