Game-Changing HR For Entrepreneurs

Castle HR breaks down HR strategies into basic steps, then applies Data & Structure to create a clear path you can follow. Like plans for building a castle out of blocks!

Get proven processes, gain Professional HR expertise, join a community of entrepreneurs, and elevate your leadership skills.

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HR isn’t a Magic Pill, it’s a Strategy

Castle HR gets entrepreneurs laser-focused on high-impact HR strategies that deliver results.
You’ll see our clients building teams packed with top shelf talent, everyone is hustling, and they are having fun!

We Help the HR-Hat Wearing Entrepreneurs

Almost no founding teams include an HR person, leaving that “hat” to be worn by a leader with no experience or formal HR training.

They typically act as a firefighter, managing challenges as they arise. Often, they feel confused and ill-prepared. Naturally, the business is exposed to risk.

Become a People Leader

Leaders value efficiency, check their ego, and are results-driven. Transforming from entrepreneur to leader only happens when you focus on strengths and delegate weaknesses.

Leaders pass on the HR Hat so they can focus on winning higher ROI opportunities.

Wondering How It Works?

Castle HR provides all the HR building blocks your business needs.
We don’t believe in luck, fate or magic – only strategies and results.
We follow the data, not the crowd.

Proven Process

We took the highest-impact HR strategies and created a step-by-step process. Follow a sequence that is proven to work and track your progress with reliable metrics.

Professional Mentorship

We understand there is no substitute for experience. Get assigned a Senior HR Professional who will leverage their 10+ years of experience when they’re executing on deliverables and providing support.

Expert Advice

We know as soon as you have employees, you’ll face challenges. Ask your Senior HR Professional for expert advice and, if needed, professionally drafted documentation.

Entrepreneur Community

It takes a village to build a successful business. Join an active community of entrepreneurs, collaborate, access our preferred partners, make friends and win together.

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With Castle, you’re in elite company!

How is our Process Different?

Most HR partners teach a certain skill (like handbooks or recruiting), which leaves blindspots for entrepreneurs.
We employ a “full stack” HR Strategy that covers all three critical areas:

HR Foundation

Values, Documentation, Safety, Metrics


Retention, Performance, Development

Talent Acquisition

A-Players, Frameworks, Scorecards

A Foundation You Can Build On

Buildings are as big as their foundation will allow, and the same is true with businesses.
Our expertise lays the foundation you need to grow as BIG as you want.

Core Values

Create the foundation of your company culture by formalizing your beliefs and philosophies

Employee Handbook

Introduce your expectations to the team and create your first line of legal defence

Health and Safety

Protect your employees by implementing your legal responsibilities and best practices

Team Surveys

Provide employees and leadership with a vital (and anonymous) feedback loop

Performance Reviews

Communicate and evaluate your employees engagement and productivity

Professional Development

Uplevel your employees so they will achieve their career growth goals

Mental Wellness

Engage with employees to reduce friction and stressors in their life and the workplace

HR Data Dashboard

Evaluate the impact of your HR Strategy

Your A-Player

Hire with your Ideal Employee traits in mind to give your new team members the best chance for success

Interview Process

Create a streamlined interview process that candidates will love – and increase their acceptance rates

Diversity & Inclusion

Build a team of inspired, smart, and driven individuals from all sorts of backgrounds


Establish milestones for new hires that will ensure they are fully contributing as soon as possible

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What Our Clients are Saying

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