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Imagine your team showed up
every day with their “A-Game.”

What would that mean for your
company’s performance?

We are a fractional HR team, that uses high-impact
Modern HR strategies to help you build, and
protect, your dream company.

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Modern HR is An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Increase Productivity

Often the difference between a high-performing team and a disengaged one comes down to one simple thing – Culture!

Dramatically improve your company’s performance and your team’s excitement level about work.

Save Time

As soon as you have employees you will have challenges, and the impact they have on your business will depend on your access to HR knowledge.

Having Expert HR Advice a call away allows you to focus on growing your company and truly enjoying what you do.

Use Proven Processes

The average company hires their first HR person at 50 people – but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Achieve consistent growth with proven processes that build high-performance teams today.

Happy Customers and Partners

You’ll see our clients building teams packed with top-shelf talent, where everyone is hustling and having fun!

To hear what our clients are saying, check out our testimonials page.

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How We Help Companies

A dedicated Senior HR Professional with 10+ years experience will work with you
to create a “full-stack” Modern HR Strategy across 5 key areas:

Meditating Women.

Expert HR Advice

when you need it most

Gain an HR Professional that is available to discuss any HR challenge you might be facing from terminations to compliance – we always say there are no “bad questions”.

Comment Regulation

Build Policies and a Growth Culture

Create an employee handbook that protects your team, as well as your company, and fosters a company culture that aligns your team with your values and vision.

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Castle HR - Modernizing HR

Modern Performance Reviews That Retains Your Top-Talent

Create real conversations around culture, role expectations, professional development and team mindset to engage today’s workforce.

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Team Building

Identify and Hire A-Players

Define your ideal new hires and what it takes to make your company their destination. Design a hiring process that will leave candidates singing your praises.

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HR Tech Stack

Ramp up Faster with a Smooth Onboarding Playbook

Design a world-class onboarding plan that sets your new hires up for success. They’ll ramp up faster, exchange feedback, and understand expectations from the start.

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How to Get Started with Castle HR

Modernize Your HR

1. Start the Conversation

Pick a date and time to speak
with our CEO, Tom Nickalls.

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Our HR Professionals

2. Discovery Call

This call is all about you – share your current HR strategies, the challenges keeping you up at night and your big goals.

Custom HR Strategy Roadmap

3. Custom HR Strategy

Receive a custom HR strategy and roadmap tailored to your future goals and current company structure so you no longer have to wonder if you’re heading in the right direction.

Meet Our HR Professionals

4. Get Started!

Meet your HR Professional and get cracking with a kickoff call.


Why was Castle HR founded?

Tom experienced a tremendously unprofessional termination that led him on a journey to find most small and medium enterprises struggle with HR – and he decided to help. 

Castle HR was created with a remote and flexible company culture to attract seasoned professionals that wanted to focus on work-life balance, which for him meant the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

What does Castle HR do?

Castle HR is Canada’s first and largest virtual Modern HR firm. We operate as the HR team for a number of notable Canadian businesses.

All of our clients have access to a team of seasoned professionals who are equipped to provide Expert HR Advice, Employee Handbooks, Performance Reviews, Talent Acquisition and New Hire Onboarding.

Why Castle HR?

We don’t have to put ourselves in your shoes, we have been founders before. So we created the process that we would use – and we do drink our own champagne too 🙂

We relieve founders from wearing the “HR Hat” by bringing decades of proven success scaling teams to the table. 

We are the firm companies turn to as a cost-effective alternative to hiring an internal HR person.

What experience does your team bring to the table?

Castle HR is Tom’s second company and he has worked in leadership roles in the tech and professional services for 20 years.

All of our HR Professionals experience ranging from 10-35 years – this isn’t their first rodeo!

Our Learning & Development Manager spent almost a decade at Apple.

What cities do you serve?

We work with companies anywhere in Canada.

Who is your ideal client?

Companies that have a team of at least 15 employees see tremendous value in our service as that is typically where you have found Market Fit and are looking to scale.

More importantly, you know that your people are the key to your continued success and want to invest in them.

Who would be my point of contact?

We believe continuity in HR is critical to its success. So you are assigned an HR Professional from day one that will lead you through the HR Roadmap and is of course the best person to provide you with expert HR advice.

Why use Castle HR over hiring an HR person?

Companies select Castle HR as we deliver a custom HR strategy efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a junior HR person.

How much does your service cost?

It depends – vague I know…

The biggest factors are the headcount of your company and the length of our agreement (1-3 years).

We’d love to show you the value of our service by going through our Discovery Process and creating a customized HR Roadmap for you. Use this button to book a call with Tom, our CEO and founder:

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