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Welcome to Castle HR – the modern solution for fractional outsourced HR services.

Born from the real-life experiences and insights of our CEO, Tom Nickalls, and made possible by our team of Senior HR Professionals, we've crafted our consulting services with the vision of transforming HR from a daunting task into your strategic advantage, making your business a magnet for top talent and a powerhouse for growth.

The Benefits of Full-Service HR


Leave HR to us, so you can focus on running your business.

Compliance Confidence

Navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations with ease; we help you protect your team and all that you’ve built!

Talent Excellence

Attract, retain, and nurture the right talent, aligning with your values…we aren’t recruiters; we teach you how to fish.


Drive business growth with strategic HR consulting tailored to your unique needs.

We're Not Just Another HR Firm;
We’re Your Partner in Growth and Success.

*Call centre vibes are SO medieval*

Our HR service is a comprehensive package tailored to encapsulate every aspect of human resources, refined through our experience with startups and SMBs like yours.

Performance Reviews

Maximize your potential by keeping your top talent longer

HR Consulting & Advice

Google does not have an HR degree - but our professionals do

Culture Enhancement Strategies

Build a thriving company culture that attracts and retains top talent

Employee Referral Programs

Supercharge your recruitment efforts and build a driven team

Values & Virtues Development

Unite and empower your team for optimal results

HR Tech Integration

Streamline your HR operations and free up your time with the right technology

Custom Employee Handbooks

Protect your business and set your team up for success

Talent Acquisition

Attract top talent, and manage your best performers as they thrive

Termination Best Practices

Protect your business and approach this difficult task professionally

Onboarding Playbooks

Early impressions can impact performance and retention

Team Surveys

Get better results with your team’s insight

HR Data Tracking

Eliminate hidden costs and make data-driven decisions

How Our HR Services Work

When you pass the human resources management baton to Castle HR, we’ll work autonomously and only require 1 hour of YOUR time weekly. This time allows you to connect virtually with your HR professional, understand what progress has been made, and ask questions. Every 3-4 months, you’ll be provided with an updated sprint so you’ll always know what direction we’re moving in.

Meet Your
HR Partner

Your dedicated Senior HR Professional meets with you to understand your HR landscape and plan for effective human resources solutions. 

Implementation & Management

With an HR action plan in place, beginning with solid HR foundations for sustained organizational growth and success.

Review &

We’ll continuously assess and improve your HR strategies, seamlessly integrating other components of our action plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional HR refers to having a part-time, outsourced HR expert dedicated to your business's needs.

This model benefits your business by providing senior-level HR expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire with the same capabilities. It's ideal for businesses looking to scale, establish foundational HR practices, or enhance their current HR capabilities without the significant overhead of an in-house HR department.

At Castle HR, we begin our partnership by deeply understanding your business's unique objectives and challenges. We follow a Modern HR Roadmap; working in flexible 3-4 month sprints to ensure our strategies evolve with your business and are tailored to your specific goals. Our senior HR professionals, with an average of over 15 years of experience, are adept at aligning HR practices with business growth and success.

Our service is for visionary leaders of Canadian small businesses and startups ready to elevate their HR from a background task to a strategic asset. HR complexities can become distressing; Castle HR is your dedicated knight in shining armour.

We’ve worked with over 150 leaders in various industries with headcounts ranging from 10-75. Our staff has diverse experience across many sectors, with some of them being small business owners themselves.

Modern businesses hoping to exceed their growth and profit goals and thrive in today’s environment can't afford to stick to outdated HR practices.

But, many small businesses also can’t afford to make a full-time, senior-level HR hire, either. That’s where Castle HR can change the game! For a fraction of the of making an internal hire, you get a fraction of our expert’s time each week.

Our approach is tailored to meet the demands of today's workforce and the unique challenges of the modern business landscape. With Castle HR, you're not just solving problems but investing in a brighter, more prosperous future for your business. We work proactively and focus on impact.

To make the most of our fractional HR services, we request a standing weekly call, typically lasting about an hour, with your dedicated senior HR professional. This engagement allows us to understand our clients’ ongoing challenges and successes, enabling us to tailor strategies effectively. Beyond this, your commitment can vary based on the level of involvement and the specific initiatives being implemented.

Castle HR stands out by offering the top 3% of Canadian HR talent, each with over 10 years of experience, dedicated to your business. Unlike typical call-center-style outsourcing or junior in-house staff, our focus is on customization, proactive strategies, and regulatory compliance.

Our Modern HR Roadmap and data-backed Impact Scorecard demonstrate tangible results, ensuring that your HR is not just a cost center but a strategic asset contributing to your rapid growth and success.

The transition typically occurs when your business has grown sufficiently and the complexity of your HR needs warrants a full-time internal team. Castle HR is designed as a scalable solution that grows with your business. We pride ourselves on amicable transitions, ensuring that your new in-house HR is well-prepared and that all HR functions are handed over smoothly, allowing for continuity and sustained success.

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