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Client Spotlight : Candybox Marketing

“You heard it here first – Google doesn’t have an HR Degree, so don’t let Google handle your HR needs. Castle HR has been our go-to customized solution for all of our human resource needs. As your company grows, your HR strategy must evolve with it.”

Castle HR helped Candybox Marketing with:

  • New Employee Hires
  • Customized Workplace Policies
  • Organizational Health and Safety
  • On-demand Support

How This Works

Once you autograph your agreement, we get right to work.

1. Meet Your HR Partner

We assign you a dedicated Senior HR Professional who has experience in your industry. They instantly become an extension of your team, available to assist in all matters HR.

2. Create An Action Plan

You meet with your HR Partner to discuss your company's goals. In turn, they will help you align which modern HR strategies will best support these, and in what order.

3. Start Your First Sprint

We start working on the first stage of your Action Plan. About once a quarter, we'll assess what got done, what's in progress and check if any of your priorities have shifted.

Happy Customers

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations optimize and modernize their HR strategy – setting them up with the systems and processes to hit their growth objectives. 

What You Get

Fixed Monthly Subscription

Because who wants to track hours?

Unlimited Expert HR Advice

You have questions – we have answers.


10+ years in the HR field is what it takes to work here.

Direct Access

Call us when you need us – no tickets or call centre.


Let us take care of vacation and sick day coverage.

Dedicated Senior HR Professional

Who gets to know you and your specific needs.

Proven HR Roadmap

Filled with modern field-tested best practices.

The Wisdom of Our Network

Dozens of HR professionals and service providers.

One Source of Truth

We don’t hand things off to a junior behind the scenes.

Benchmark Data

We show you where you stand relative to your peers.

The Results


Headcount Growth

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From 35 to 120 people …and the #3 spot on The Globe and Mail’s 2022 list of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.


Employee Retention

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In just one year with us… which translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in hiring and onboarding costs.


Positive Outlook

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Over our 3+ year partnership building ThinkOn into a destination employer with a team bought into the future.

We Love To Talk Modern HR

Whether you’re eager to get started or still exploring your options, we’re always happy to connect with you and hear about your goals, challenges and everything in between.

A complimentary consultation with our CEO, Tom Nickalls, is the best way to quickly diagnose if and how we can help!

Send Us A Message

We can cover a lot more ground in a consultation and take as much (or as little) time as you need. But if you have a burning question or request - fire away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourced HR empowers you to concentrate on business growth by placing HR responsibilities in expert hands, ensuring a solid support team is built for your venture without the overhead of an internal hire. We’re proactive here at Castle HR – meaning we focus on building modern processes and a phenomenal team to support you… rather than solely reacting to specific HR challenges. 

HR consulting is pivotal for aligning your team’s talents with your business goals, ensuring everyone is in the right seat to fuel company growth. We blend modern strategies with your vision to build a powerhouse team that elevates your business to its peak potential.

Castle HR is more than just outsourced HR – we provide a comprehensive, fractional HR subscription service, partnering you with a senior HR professional tailored to your business needs. We work with you until you’re ready to make your first internal HR hire; then, we pass the baton.

We take a holistic, expert approach to your HR landscape and growth goals. We tackle Foundational HR (this includes things like custom employee handbooks and values creation) as well as advanced strategies in talent acquisition, modern performance reviews, leadership training, and dynamic onboarding/offboarding and more. We align our tools with your business trajectory, ensuring effective HR support from a senior-level HR Professional at a fraction of the cost.

Castle HR is not an ‘a la carte’ HR service. While we aren’t a forever solution, we work with most clients for months (typically 12-18) to create and implement custom, modern HR solutions for their business. With that said, we don’t do one-off HR emergencies.

We are neither recruiters nor do administrative work (such as payroll and benefits). 

We recommend investing in HR consulting once you've achieved product-market fit and your business shifts focus from validation to growth, typically between 15 to 50 employees. This is the optimal window to enhance team development and operational efficiency, setting a solid foundation before possibly transitioning to in-house HR at larger scales.

Note that if your headcount isn’t within the stated range, but you feel you’d benefit from our services, we still welcome you to book a call; there are no bad questions, and we may still be able to work with your company.

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