3 Ways That Modern Performance Appraisals Improve Employee Retention

3 Ways That Modern Performance Appraisals Improve Employee Retention

Annual performance appraisals are old-school and ineffective. Modern performance appraisals (or, performance reviews) mean that you and your team will meet and have a forward-thinking conversation about their performance and goals four times a year. This can increase retention, and benefit your company in many other ways!

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Corporate Culture

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Corporate Culture

A toxic workplace environment, otherwise known as unhealthy corporate culture, can ruin all that you’ve built, and drive your best employees away. Learn how to spot the signs of a toxic culture and how you can make (or keep) your corporate culture positive and healthy.

Quarterly vs. Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews are old-school. Learn how conducting quarterly performance reviews can help you support your team throughout the year and ensure that everybody is aligned and working toward shared, attainable goals.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Define Your Company Values 

Define Your Company Values

Your company values should be reflected in all that you do in the workplace and can help you attract and retain the best people. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important that you not only define and communicate them, but also ensure that they resonate with your team.

What is a Modern Performance Review?

Learn what a Modern Performance Review is, how you can conduct them on a quarterly basis, and why Modern Performance Reviews are important and impactful for growing businesses. Having regular, constructive conversations between leaders and employees is a fantastic growth strategy.

Fractional HR vs. HR Consulting: Which is Better for Your Business Right Now?

Fractional HR vs HR Consulting

Establishing strong HR foundations and processes before you make your first full-time HR hire will certainly set you up for long-term success. However, it can be challenging to decide what external service type to engage with in the meantime. Here are some things to consider when weighing a Fraction HR partner vs. an HR Consulting partner.

Fractional HR vs. Internal HR: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Fractional HR vs. Internal HR

As your business continues to grow, you’ll have to make important decisions, such as, when to make your first internal hire for a specific department. When it comes to HR, if you don’t yet have the headcount, budget, or established strategies, adding an internal hire to your team might not be the best solution for you…yet. That is where Fractional HR comes in!

How Modern HR Will Help Your Company Scale

What is Modern HR

Out with the old, in with the new. The recent global pandemic brought a massive shift in how workplaces operate, and what today’s workforce wants. Companies are now finding that their teams are asking them for these three things: Feedback Transparency Culture Building In this video, Tom Nickalls – Founder and CEO of Castle HR, […]