6 Ways Fractional HR Can Supercharge Your Internal HR Strategy

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Your business is growing, and you have now created your first HR role. Congratulations, this is a big step towards getting to the next level and then the level after that! A robust HR strategy is critical for any company looking to add headcount and scale effectively.

One scenario we see often is this critical position being filled by a relatively junior person or delegated internally. Usually, this is for budgetary reasons, as senior HR people are expensive.

Senior HR people are also savvy. They will not join a company with 15, 20 or even 30 people as they know they will likely run out of role-specific work within a year. Once the core HR strategy and structure are defined, they know from experience that their next duties will likely include “special projects,” odd jobs or, worst-case scenario – a trip back into the job market.

The challenge is that junior people lack experience – which is not their fault. We all have to start somewhere, right? This means they are learning on the job and that can, of course, dramatically impact your company’s growth trajectory. They simply have not yet put in the reps to competently deal with the myriad of issues that can, and do, get thrown at HR people these days.

In this video, Tom Nickalls – founder and CEO of Castle HR, will walk you through 6 ways a Fractional HR partner can accelerate your company’s HR person.

So what is a company to do? Suppose your budget allows for a junior HR person, and you successfully find one but want impactful HR strategies to help you grow…

This is when we see Fractional, Modern HR as a secret weapon! Here are 6 ways that Fractional HR can supercharge your internal HR person:

1. Expert Mentorship

If you have a junior HR professional with less than five years of experience, chances are they simply do not have all of the best practices or strategies required to propel a scaling business down a path to seamless success. They may possess positive traits such as drive and enthusiasm but be missing the wisdom that comes with time on the job.

Pairing a Senior HR Professional with them helps to fill their gaps or blind spots. These are individuals who have been there and done that in real-world settings. And in the rare instance where they have not – they have a network of highly experienced peers to lean on.

2. Added Experience

Opting for a Fractional HR professional means that you will be working with an individual with a minimum of 10 years of HR-specific experience. They are in your corner to take on any challenge that arises – and they will arise.

They have been individual contributors and led teams, so they see things from both perspectives. Also, their experience comes from working at start-ups or small businesses – so they know what is going to work and what is not at a company like yours.

3. Camaraderie

HR can be a lonely role, from both a delivery and developmental standpoint. Due to the sensitive nature of what they deal with, HR people do not get the same opportunity as your other employees to openly discuss what they are working on with their coworkers.

A Fractional HR solution means your internal HR person has someone to explore ideas with, vent to and draw off of their years of experience as well as their extensive network. It supports someone who may sometimes feel like they are working in isolation.

4. Move Faster

Fractional HR professionals at Castle HR have exposure to 100+ successful companies and a vast peer network. They are uniquely qualified to understand what strategies to employ and are aware of modern best practices, current legislation and bills that are relevant to your business.

These are individuals who are beyond the “trial and error” stage of their career. That means you will get no-nonsense strategies and advice that generate timely, positive results.

5. Maximize ROI

Fractional HR is not a forever investment and we understand that! After about a year to 18 months, you will have a complete, robust HR strategy. The core strategies, playbooks, processes and skills will be built.

The baton can then be fully passed to your internal HR person who will have been compiling these assets and learning how to use them alongside their Fractional HR partner. They will not only be highly committed to the overall strategy (as they helped build it) but also now wise beyond their years of experience.

6. Built-in Safety Net

Fractional HR does not quit and it does not take days off. Even when your primary HR Partner is out of the office, there will always be somebody else there to cover.

Furthermore, and as previously mentioned, Fractional HR companies employ a highly experienced group of rockstar HR people who as a collective, have seen and successfully dealt with 99% of the people challenges that will come your way. This is not their first rodeo.

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