Level-up your Modern HR Knowledge

How are you looking to improve your business?

You didn't start your business to become an HR expert - but HR tasks are vital. Find out if outsourced HR consulting is right for you and your company!

Team Surveys

Learn how conducting team surveys can help you gain insight, understand what your team wants, address concerns and improve your business!

You didn't start your business to become an HR expert (that's our job); learn how Unlimited HR Advice can help your company thrive!

HR Tech Stack

Automating processes can save time and money as you scale. Learn which HRIS is best for you and start building your HR Tech Stack!

HR Data

HR data is a powerful tool. Collecting HR data to gain insight, understand hidden costs, and make data-driven decisions can significantly impact your business!

Annual performance appraisals are old-school and ineffective. Modern performance appraisals (or, performance reviews) mean that you and your team will meet and have a forward-thinking conversation about their performance and goals four times a year. This can increase retention, and benefit your company in many other ways!

A toxic workplace environment, otherwise known as unhealthy corporate culture, can ruin all that you've built, and drive your best employees away. Learn how to spot the signs of a toxic culture and how you can make (or keep) your corporate culture positive and healthy.

As your business continues to grow, you'll have to make important decisions, such as, when to make your first internal hire for a specific department. When it comes to HR, if you don't yet have the headcount, budget, or established strategies, adding an internal hire to your team might not be the best solution for you...yet. That is where Fractional HR comes in!

Expectations have shifted amongst job seekers. No longer will vague terms such as “we pay a competitive salary” attract quality applicants. In this video, Tom Nickalls - Founder and CEO of Castle HR, will walk you through 6 reasons why you absolutely should be including salary and compensation details in your job postings.

Giving feedback is hard. Specifically when it's of the constructive (i.e., negative) variety. With that said, great leaders understand the value of feedback - the good, the bad and the ugly. Nobody wants to hear negative feedback about themselves, but most of us do understand the need for it. As with any sensitive matter in life, mindful practice and repetition will develop your ability to give (and receive) feedback more effectively.

Organizational leaders understand that a great people strategy will accelerate growth, but bringing that strategy to life requires certain skills and expertise. Ultimately, growth means guiding your team down a path of success and putting them in the position to excel at what they do.

Your business is growing and you have now created your first HR role. Congratulations, this is a big step towards getting to the next level, and then the level after that! Here are 6 ways that Fractional HR can supercharge your internal HR person.

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