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Unlimited HR Advice is a game-changer for growing businesses.

As soon as you hire and begin building your team, it is inevitable that you will face what Castle HR calls ‘spicy meatballs.’

Every time you’re served a spicy new HR problem, you may feel overwhelmed, as you already have a lot on your plate! And, you’ll likely think that your options for obtaining advice are limited to turning to Google, finding a Lawyer, or asking a trusted advisor for help.

The problem is that Google does not have an HR degree, Lawyers are expensive non-HR experts (who often want fast solutions), and your trusted advisor may not be an HR expert.

In most cases, turning to any of the above for advice will be a setback for your business’ growth…

So, what’s the solution?

As a group of professionals with extensive experience building world-class teams (and handling even the spiciest of HR meatballs), we know firsthand how important it is to have a strong HR strategy in place…it’s why we do what we do at Castle HR!

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving business world, retention, employee engagement, productivity, and attracting top talent are crucial to creating the successful company you envision.

But, to accomplish great things, you need somebody in your corner who understands your company and vision and can help solve problems correctly.

That’s why we’re excited to discuss Unlimited HR Advice, a game-changing solution that can transform your HR strategy and help you build the team of your dreams. (Our clients rank it as our number-one service)!

In this blog, we’ll review what Unlimited HR Advice from Castle HR is and why you and your team will love it.

What is Unlimited HR Advice?

Unlimited Advice at Castle HR means you’ll never have to worry about facing HR challenges alone; we always say, ‘there are no bad questions.’

With your monthly subscription, you’ll have access to your dedicated Senior HR Professional who can take the lead on offering support and solutions to any spicy HR problem you may face.

At some point, you will have a termination (you have likely already had some). This is one of the highest-risk exposure activities a company will have. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing you have a Senior HR Professional to take point on the conversations and the documentation.

With our Unlimited HR Advice, you’ll never find yourself stuck waiting for Tuesday to arrive (or whenever your outsourced once-a-week HR professional is in) or getting stuck with a random call centre employee who does not know who you are.

Your dedicated Senior HR Professional will know you and your company – they will have crafted your values with you – and because of this, they’ll be able to provide custom-tailored advice to your business.

Whether you need advice about managing performance or navigating complex employment laws, our experts have the knowledge and experience to provide the advice you need.

Why Will You Love Unlimited HR Advice?

As your business grows, you’ll love having an HR expert in your corner to help you navigate complex (or just every day) HR tasks and issues.

You’ll be able to bounce ideas off of your Senior HR Professional proactively and won’t have to worry about putting HR tasks (or others) on hold to deal with bigger things – doing so can impact your business’ trajectory for success.

Here are four other reasons why we believe you’ll love our Unlimited HR Advice:

Gain a trusted advisor

We work with companies for ~18 months, so we become an extension of their team. Our Senior HR Professionals get to know you and your company, so each interaction will be authentic and personal (unlike a call centre where you’ll have cold, impersonal conversations).

Unlike hiring and training a Junior-level HR person or dealing with an outsourced HR contact, we’ll be in your corner, providing expert advice every step of the way.

Save time and money

There are many ways Castle HR can help you save time and money.

Most importantly, we can help you make accurate decisions and avoid lawsuits. We also know that your time could be better spent running your business – and not trying to juggle HR tasks. That’s why we’re here. Your time is money.

Reduce your risk profile

By having access to Unlimited HR Advice, you’ll also be able to mitigate legal risk and ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations.

Our HR experts keep a pulse on evolving and changing laws and can help you remain compliant. Relying on templates can put you and your business at extreme risk. We’re here to help you protect all that you’ve built!

Make the right decisions

Being able to tap into your Senior HR Professional can help ensure that every decision you make is made carefully and correctly – with ample guidance.

Your company is unique, and every decision you make is essential…you don’t want to take a leap of faith and do it all on your own.

Why Will Your Team Love Unlimited HR Advice?

Your employees are the backbone of your business, and they are watching your every move… especially the decisions you make about those  ‘spicy meatballs.’

Here’s why we believe your team will love our Unlimited HR Advice:

Confidence in your decisions

The fact that their leader is proactively seeking advice from a Senior HR Professional and striving to make the company the best it can be won’t go unnoticed.

Your team will appreciate your work establishing the best strategies, policies and processes. If you make changes, for example, to your performance reviews process or HRIS, they’ll see that you’re also attempting to enhance their experience. They will also appreciate that you aren’t juggling tasks or putting important ones ‘on hold’ to deal with more significant issues.

Best interest at heart

When your team knows that you are making firm (but fair) decisions with a Senior HR Professional on your side, they’ll understand that you aren’t just ‘winging it’ and that all decisions are accurate.

They’ll know you’re keeping their best interest and legal rights at heart.

What else do you need to know about Unlimited HR Advice?

Here are some questions we commonly get asked about our service…

How does Unlimited HR Advice work?

At Castle HR, our Unlimited HR Advice provides access to your dedicated Senior HR Professional who can provide guidance and support on various HR topics when you are a part of the Castle HR family. You will have their direct contact info and can reach out when a problem arises.

What does Unlimited HR Advice cover at Castle HR?

Unlimited HR Advice can help with various HR-related concerns, including employee retention, engagement, productivity, and talent acquisition. We help our clients develop strategies and establish and implement processes unique to their business.

What doesn’t Unlimited HR Advice cover at Castle HR?

At Castle HR, Unlimited HR Advice does not cover full-on investigations or legal advice.

Can I just get Unlimited HR Advice?

No, you cannot opt to solely receive Unlimited HR Advice. When you join the Castle HR family, you’ll have access to all of our services, as we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to Fractional, Modern HR. We do not operate on an hourly basis!

How can Castle HR help with Unlimited HR Advice?

At Castle HR, we believe that growing businesses should have access to expert HR advice and not have to put anything ‘on hold’ to tackle HR challenges. We’re here to help you address and solve even the spiciest of HR dilemmas – because these are the inevitable ones, and can impact your business and your growth trajectory the most.

We understand the importance of HR compliance and the potential consequences of not following the rules. With Unlimited HR Advice, business leaders can focus on growth and development, knowing they have a Senior HR Professional in their corner any time they need them.

Don’t wait until you’re in trouble; invest in Unlimited HR Advice today and ensure a prosperous future for your organization. Trust us, your business will thank you for it!

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