Modern Performance Reviews

Modern Performance Reviews

Stuffy old annual reviews are out. Frequent feedback is in!

Most people do not think of Performance Reviews as a positive experience.


Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective. – Deloitte


of managers are dissatisfied with the way their companies conduct performance reviews – CEB

Tom on Modern Performance Reviews

All Performance Reviews are not created equal.

Old-School Performance Reviews are similar to a high school report card:

A poorly-run Performance Review is not motivating; in fact, it has the opposite effect and causes reduced productivity and higher turnover.

  • Held annually
  • Focused on the past
  • Set up to rank employees
  • Heavily linked to pay increases
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Old School Performance Reviews Are Broken

Before we decided to create a Modern Performance Review we looked at a ton of the free templates available online.

Our goal was clear – only launch a Modern Performance Review if we could create something superior.

Our Modern Performance Review has taken a few versions, years of data crunching and if the old school templates got the results we wanted, you would not be seeing this page today.

How did we design Modern Performance Reviews?

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Creates an experience that puts people first

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Regular conversations create faster feedback loops

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Multiple perspectives enable richer development

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Future-oriented conversations drive motivation

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Centering your ideal culture reinforces your values

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Pairs with succession planning as your people grow

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Retains your superstars, because they feel valued and invested-in

Client Testimonial - Crowdlinker
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“Thanks to Marylisa and Alec, we now have a performance review system that creates a motivating and highly personalized experience that touches the lives of our people.”


Common Questions

How can Modern Performance Reviews help small businesses?

As outlined in Traction EOS, it is critical for a scaling company to have the “right people in the right seat”. With a Modern Performance Review you are able to confirm that you do, as this is a moving target companies can lose focus on.

Superstar employees are hard to find and tougher to retain. One of the best way to keep superstar employees is to help them develop and grow in their career. A Modern Performance Review identifies your strongest contributors and allows you to create a custom development plan.

How much time do Modern Performance Reviews take?

When conducted properly a Modern Performance Review is one of the highest ROI activities a company can do. The positivity that comes from the goal setting, skill development and career progression puts wind in the sails of leadership and the team!

It should take 2-3 hours per quarter for each employee, which is a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

How can Modern Performance Reviews help with Talent Acquisition?

The ability to grow professionally in a role is something that today’s workforce demands. Sharing that you have a Modern Performance Review that helps them grow to a more senior level or into a new career would of course be attractive to a top candidate.

Even more powerful would be telling them where the last person who was in the seat they are applying for ended up. Were they an SDR that became an AE in 12 months and that is the path they could be on too…

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We can help!

Every company is a little different, and has its own needs. What are your performance reviews like?

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