Modern Surveys

Modern Surveys

Team surveys are a powerful tool. In the right hands, they will produce a masterpiece.

You have probably run a survey with your team in the last year, and you are not the only one…
Survey Monkey’s business grew by 33% from 2019 to Q1 2021!

Tom on the Power of Surveys

All Surveys Are Not Created Equal

We’ve reviewed hundreds of engagement surveys, and most of them amount to the following exchange:

“How are you doing?”


This may sound extreme, but it’s true.

Despite good intentions, basic engagement surveys don’t even scratch the surface – and they don’t come close to uncovering rich HR Data Points that help you drive key metrics like Retention Rate or eNPS.

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Our Surveys are Created with Purpose

There are many factors to consider when crafting surveys and we started a loooooong project to optimize them all.

We knew from the start that we would only launch a new survey strategy if we could create something superior.

Modern Survey development has taken years of data crunching and if the readily available survey templates got the results we wanted, you would not be seeing this page today.

Here are a few things we learned…

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Questions must be laser-focused to gather actionable information, in the form of HR Data Points.

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To get high engagement and honest feedback you need to use a trusted anonymous platform – having a third party run it helps too!

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Leadership must respond to survey feedback and add ideas to their action plan – or explain why a suggestion is not being added.

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Surveys should be done at regular intervals (i.e. every 6 months) to track your growth.

58% of employees wish their companies surveyed more often than once a year!

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Internal benchmarks are a place to start.

With Castle you can validate your efforts by comparing your results against peer data.

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You can – and should – conduct one-off surveys too, when it’s time for a unique conversation.

Returning to the Office is a great and timely example.

What can you learn from surveys?

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Track important HR Data Points like Retention Rate.

The average Castle HR company sees an increase in Retention from 75% to 90% in 6 months (shoutout to our Modern Performance Reviews).

For context, this increase in Retention can save a 25-person company in a big way:


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“Tom and Robyn at Castle HR have been a tremendous help in navigating our response to COVID. With their guidance, we listened to our staff’s concerns and were able to reach the best possible outcome for everyone’s safety.”


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